Van Gogh Museum
All guides tell you to go early, my experience is the opposite, I go past this almost every day by scooter at various times in the day, Most quiet time is late in the afternoon. It is open every day until 18:00 hours (including Sundays) and on Friday evening until 22.00 hours. Go after 15.00 hours and preferably on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday or after 18:00 hours on Friday to avoid the crowds and having to wait in line for long. Other option is to go to an Internet cafe and book the tickets online and print them out, then you can queue jump, since there is a separate line for ticket holders. Go to their

Anne Frank house
Same as Van Gogh Museum, go as late as possible, every day open until 21.00 hours, so go in the evening, also gives you much better feeling on how it actually was. Here also there is online sales however with pre-booked time slots, very wanted, so get these tickets as soon as possible, tickets are on their official website (, if you print that out in an Internet cafe, you can as well queue jump!

Saturday morning (before 10.00 hours best time) visit the Noordermarket, it is a strange market, existing of a traditional Dutch style market, but also a biological food market (with the most amazing marmelades/jams/confitures/ bread/salads) and a bric-and-brac market, go before 10.00 if you want to get a good deal on something bric-and-brac / antiques.

Canal tour
Tired, want to sit down, but still see things in Amsterdam? go to Central Station and take a boat to see Amsterdam, does not matter which boat company you take, either... every 10-15 minutes there is a boat leaving and a normal tour takes 1h15 or 1h30 and takes you past a lot of canals in Amsterdam, also gives you a good feeling on how Amsterdam is build up. Do NOT take the evening tour (Amsterdam by candle light), it is not Paris with everything lit up, you really get the best views at day time.

day trip to Brussels
Have a whole day and want to go somewhere else? Go to Brussels for the day. Times and prices go to the and click on the English to get the website in English, returns from Amsterdam Centraal to Brussel Zuid or Brussel Centraal (either is good) costs about EUR 78,- per person, take the slow train (takes 2h49) in stead of the hi speed (takes 1h54) to safe money (but do have a quick look what the hi speed train costs, since they sometimes have superdeals last-minutes, tickets for the normal train: buy them at the train station (use the website to get yourself informed) for the hi speed train buy online and print them at the train station (booking code you will get an a pin-code you will have to remember.

Half a day trip to see the wind mills
This place is called the Zaanse Schans, take a train from Amsterdam Centraal to Koog-Zaandijk (this is one of the station of the line: sprinter train to Alkmaar and leaves from platform 7a), from Koog-Zaandijk staion it is a 15 minute - 2km walk and you are in an outside air museum with all the windmills and you can visit the windmills for a small charge and see how they make cheese (that is free), trains leave every 30 minutes and tickets can be bought from the machines at Central Station and cost EUR 5,60 per person for a return ticket.

Always wanted to know how they make beer, and see the marketing machine of Heineken, do the "Heineken Experience"! This is a guided tour through the old Heineken factory in the center of Amsterdam, this is not in use anymore, but the process of making is still up to date. Tickets can be bought on the spot on online:

See standup comedy
Want to see a show in English, Boom Chicago in the center at Leidseplein has a show every evening, funny, witty, sharp and up to date,

Have Indonesian food
The Dutch food is bland and not so interesting (boiled potatoes / vegetables and a piece of meat), but what you do not have you take, so by colonizing we got some good food in this country, try Indonesian, at the end of the Spuistraat nr. 291 - 293 on your left hand side,near Spui (which is a square),is a perfect Indonesian restaurant, called: "Kantjil & de Tijger", no reservations needed and not expensive at all. Order "Nasi Rammes Speciaal", this basically is a plate with fried rice and all kinds of small Indonesian dishes, all on one plate, so you get to taste it all in one go! Another great Indonesian restaurant is called "Bojo", this one look horrible from outside, but the food is just great (and the prices are just abnormally low), address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 49 (just off Leidseplein, a square), here also no reservations needed and recommend here too to take the "Nasi Rammes Speciaal".